Are you interested in becoming a Petroleum Landman?


This book is an in-depth guide written specifically for anyone seeking to start a career as a Landman.  It is filled from cover to cover with useful information to answer any questions  you might have regarding the profession and to prepare you for your interviews.

The material in this e-book covers history, oil & gas law, terms of the trade, job requirements, compensation, and a number of insider tips to help you get hired quickly.  As energy prices continue to rebound and new formations are discovered, the need for Landmen is growing and we want you to be ready.


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You'll learn about: 

Land work and how the industry is set up

How to get started

Job details of a landman

What needs to be leased

Property descriptions and how to read them

Who owns the minerals

Deeds and title, Property ownership

Locating mineral reservations

Tax cards

Contacting owners

Negotiating and drawing up contracts

Calculating acreage

Negotiable terms of the contract

Oil & gas leases and memorandums

Signing and delivering documents

Major U.S. gas plays

The difference between surface and mineral estates

Horizontal drilling and its' implications

Well site halos and drilling units


Metes & bounds

Deed Plots

…and more


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Who this book is for:

When I first heard about the landman business from a friend I was interested in learning more about it before putting any effort into trying to get hired.  Unfortunately, every resource about the profession I looked at was either very expensive ($500+ two day seminars) or not very informative (vague, poorly written books).  So I decided that I did indeed want to become a landman, and that I would put materials together to help anyone else in the same situation.  That's who this petroleum landman book is written to help.  If you are interested in finding out more about the job and how to get into it, this book is for you.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. 



From the desk of an iconic landman: